Escrito por: Sofia Alves |2018-10-01
XpectralTEK had the opportunity to go to one of the most influential technological fairs in the world, Electronica and Productronica, to introduce the XpeCAM platform to the Indian market.
Escrito por: Sofia Alves |2018-09-20
This year at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress marked the first Poster Prize Awards, sponsored by Xpectraltek. A prize was awarded to the winning student poster and the winning main poster displayed at the Congress.
Escrito por: Sofia Alves |2018-09-17
This year, the most important art conservation European event was held in Turin, Italy, from 10th to 14th of September and the central theme was Preventive Conservation: The State of the Art.
Escrito por: Sofia Alves |2018-09-12
XpectralTEK was represented in Berlin at the EIC Innovators' Summit, under the XpeCAM X02 project, which received funding from the European Union SME Instrument SM2020 program.
Escrito por: Sofia Alves |2018-06-26
On the 26th of june XpectralTEK received an Exame Informática 2018 award “Os Melhores do Portugal Tecnológico”
Escrito por: Andrea Mota 2 |2018-05-16
On the 16th of May, Xpectraltek held a Work Meeting at Paço Episcopal do Porto under the subject of Spectral Imaging.
Escrito por: Sofia Alves |2018-03-26
ICARUS is an association, based in Austria, that adds and creates value for already existing activities, and links networks in order to help archival and scientific institutions join forces.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2018-03-12
The Multispectral analysis Technology was approved for funding in the European Program: SME Instrument Program - Horizon 2020. It was the only Portuguese project selected and will receive funding of 1.2M euros.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2018-01-29
During the 24th to 26th January, by Executive Agency for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) invitation XpectralTEK was at the International Private Equity Market (IPEM 2018) in Cannes, for a new round of investment.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2018-01-03
The project XPECAM submitted under Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2, passed all evaluation thresholds, and has been awarded the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2017-12-13
Xpectraltek's interview for Exame Informática TV/SIC Notícias went on air on December 2nd, 2017.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2017-10-25
XpectralTEK's interview for TSF - Rádio Notícias
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2017-09-27
XpectralTEK is going to be present at the 20th ICARUS meeting under the motto “The Age of Digital Technology: Documents, Archives and Society”.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2017-09-14
A new XpectralTEK-Northumbria University agreement was just signed.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2017-09-11
A collaborative work of Northumbria University with XpectralTEK will be presented at the 6th edition of the APLAR conference, dedicated to the use of laser technology in the field conservation and restoration of artworks.
Escrito por: Andrea Mota |2017-09-04
Xpectraltek at ICOM-CC 2017, 4-8 September, Copenhagen, Denmark
Escrito por: João dias |2016-11-29
This morning at UPTEC, and during an official visit to Portugal, the King and Queen of Spain met Xpectraltek and its solutions.
Escrito por: João Dias |2016-03-08
XpeCAM X01 is the equipment used in the research project "Arte por S. Cristovão" to the analysis and treatment of painting on canvas.
Escrito por: João dias |2015-02-13
In the February 13th of 2015, Xpectraltek was in Tomar, for the delivery of the first equipment from the series XpeCAM X01.