Born in the world of imaging diagnostics, Xpectraltek is the result of several years of work, experience and ambition for constant improvement. Adjusting the knowledge in spectroscopy, imaging and computers to the flaws and needs of the market, we were able to create several tools that help professionals in their daily work. Since 2014, we occupy a privileged position in the spectral imaging and computer vision market. We are offering complete and quality proven solutions to any user who wants to certify and document his work using imaging.


We are a specialized team of professionals working on optical, mechanical, electronic, and software development. With our accumulated experience in multiple applications including art conservation, agriculture, and medicine our team is ready to help all those professionals who want to improve their monitoring capabilities or to exploit new valuable information in their application.


We develop quantitative imaging and spectroscopy solutions. The chemical-mapping assisted CNC operation for the unwanted material removal in industrial applications, is just an example in a world of infinite possibilities. The broad application area of spectral imaging, and the new challenges discovered, motivates us through every day. Our knowledge allows observing these challenges with reliance, broadening our application field to other areas.


In every solution we build, our biggest concern is to meet the client needs. For us, each case is unique and different from the other, so we can provide tailor-made solutions. This makes us a flexible, adjustable and capable company.


Our experienced team is always looking for new challenges in imaging diagnostics. If you think you can deliver as we can, please send us an email to info@xpectraltek.com and join our team.

Antonio Cardoso Co-Founder
Luis Aguiar Co-Founder